A new golf training aid to help you easily see if you are swinging over-the-top, the most common fault that causes the slice and pulls.

Do you pull with your left arm or push with you right hand? Are you trying to hit the ball or swing the club? Do you have a shallow backswing and a steep downswing? Do you have an outside to inside swing path? These are key points that when fixed, will help you have more control over the golf ball and you will enjoy the game much more, guaranteed.

The Golf Swing Tracer is made of light weight fabric and can be used with any golf club. It will show the club head trajectory throughout your golf swing and will show you if you are swinging over the top or casting.

Note: The Golf Swing Tracer is a visual swing aid that will show if you are swinging over-the-top. To correct the over-the-top swing, you need the 5 elemental lessons on how to use the Golf Swing Tracer to cure the faulty swing. These are unique lessons that will help you fix your grip, posture, ball position, backswing and downswing. These five elemental parts of the golf swing are like pieces of a puzzle, you need to put together ALL of them or your swing won't be complete. You may have two, three or even four of these parts, but if one is missing, or in this case not done properly, you won't have consistent control of the golf ball. You will always have that blow up hole with a triple or quadruple bogie. The one that will ruin your round and keep your handicap or game where it is, stuck in a plateau. Can't get to the next level or break 100, 90 or 80.

To get the greater benefit from The Golf Swing Tracer add the 5 Elemental Lessons of the Golf Swing, on how to use it to correct your golf swing. and control the ball like you never have before. Just choose the other option on the products section or click here and you'll be on your way to a better golf game and better scores. 

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