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Learn the correct grip, set up and swing path. Understand golf swing theory and put it to practice. Start gaining control!

About Our Golf Lessons

If you ever wanted to learn golf or have been playing for a while and want to improve, let us take you in the right path. The golf swing is like a six piece puzzle, not a hundred or a thousand, if you are able to put these six pieces together (Correct grip, proper ball position, good stance, correct takeaway, correct downswing and correct follow through) you will have amazing control of the golf ball). Now, you may have two or three pieces already, but even if you are missing one piece, you will be stuck in a plateau and not able to move to the next level.

Our method is Mechanics by Feel, based on Ben Hogan’s teachings. We made it Six Lessons, because the follow throw is also a very important fundamental of the golf swing, as we say, the destination is as important as the journey. Learning these six fundamentals has never been so simple and easy.


Golf is practically an easy game, when you factor in the right foundation. All you need to do is, get the ball up in the air, within a reasonable dispersion off center (left or right) and a decent distance. THAT’S ALL! But we make it complicated by getting too much information from conflicting sources. YouTube, golf on TV, golf magazines, blogs, etc.



Do you pull with the left arm or do you push with the right hand? Are you letting the club do the work? Is the ball reacting to you swinging the club or do you try to hit the ball? These are make or brake questions in golf and the right answers will get you good results. You may think that there are many different golf swings and that is only half true, because the back swing is the signature of an individual golfer, but the downswing and follow through are very identical in all good players. Let us teach you the right way, you’ll be glad you did. It will be the best investment in golf you will make, better and less expensive than a new driver or a new gimmick gadget.


Fabio Molina

Director of Golf and Games Operations

The Golf Den Langley
108-20218 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC.
V3A 4E6


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Private, Semi Private and Weekly Group lessons Available

Private Lessons:
1 Long Game Lesson $100
1 Short Game Lesson $100
1 Driving Lesson $100

Save by package. Includes Long and short game Lessons

5 Intermediate Lessons: $400

Save even More.
10 Beginners lessons: $600

Semi Private (2 people)
5 Lessons: $500
10 Lessons: $700

Weekly Group Lessons

Mondays and Tuesdays, morning and afternoon sessions.

5 Lessons $100

Day Camp (8 hours)

2 people $600

Learn everything you need to know to play good golf in one day, includes lunch.
Comprehensive, fully immersed one day program.

Good for out of towners and tourists, or locals who just want to get it done in one day.

First Tee Junior
Golf Camp
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Learn or you don't pay

Lesson packages of 5 lessons or more are guaranteed results or your money back. 

*All lessons are a total of 90 minutes per session with practice time.

*The first lesson includes a video swing analysis.

Applicable taxes not included.

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