The Golf Swing Tracer Plus 5 Video Lessons


The new Swing Tracer visual aid will help you see if you are swinging over the top, the most common golf swing fault that cause the dreaded slice and pulls, it will also help you fix the problem. Add 5 video lessons on how to use it to become a better player. Lesson 1: Grip, Lesson 2: Posture, Lesson 3: Ball Position, Lesson 4, Backswing, Lesson 5: Downswing.

Do you pull with your left arm or push with you right hand? Are you trying to hit the ball or swinging the club? Do you have a shallow backswing and a steep downswing? That is a clear sign of an over-the-top problem. Do you have an outside in or inside out swing path? These are key points that when corrected with the help of The Swing Tracer will help you have more control over the golf ball and will let you enjoy the game much, much more, guaranteed.

Includes The Golf Swing Tracer and access to 5 video lessons

To see the Golf Swing Tracer in action click here